An Effective Workflow of FEA in Ship Design Project

Dr. Zagkas presents a unified designer-centered workflow between modelling and analysis of complex ships and offshore structures.

The process of shipbuilding is quite a complex one and comprises of several stages, each of which require a specific and a different kind of expertise. Over the years the ship-building process has been split into different modules, each of which is handled by a group of people possessing the expertise to perform the activities demanded of them.

Now this work flow, although classic in nature, is gradually changing and integrated design is gaining popularity where different parties communicate on the same design. This will be presented through a step by step design example utilizing BVB CAFE Ship Structural modeller and midas NFX total solution for mesh repair, solving and post-processing of marine type structures.

About the speaker:

Dr. Vassilios Zagkas | Founding Partner, SimFWD

Dr. Zagkas is a naval architect and marine engineer with 15 years of experience. His expertise and interests in include ship design, ship theory calculations, CFD/FEM, software development, etc.

In this webinar, he shares with us a unified designer-centered workflow for ship evaluation project. The same work flow was presented by Dr. Zagkas during the COMPIT 2015, the 14th international conference on Computer Applications and Information Technology in the Maritime Industries.

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